A thousand words will not leave so 
deep an impression 
as one deed 
- Henrik Ibsen

Fighting for Fitness

Fighting for Fitness is much more than physical activity and learning a sport; it’s a platform to have a positive impact on youth outcomes. By creating a supportive environment youth learn discipline, mutual respect, and academic rigor. The Folsom Police Department’s School Resource Officers (SRO) have embraced their programs by matching their passion for soccer (football) and boxing with the desire to instill a sense of purpose and belonging for youth.


Fighting for Fitness puts the youth at center and in doing so supports and develops other aspect of his/her life. By belonging to a group that empowers them and holds them accountable, youth become more receptive to learning. Additionally, partnerships with Folsom High School and Sutter Middle School, where boxing and soccer programs occur, develop a sense of ownership for youth and a supportive learning environment resulting in productive and engaged kids.


As the saying goes, “it takes a village” that mentality holds true for Fighting for Fitness. While sharing their passion for sports with youth, officers of the Folsom Police Dept. are mentoring youth, as well as connecting with educators and families of youth. The Fighting for Fitness program supports teachers and family members to further meet the needs of youth. Building such networks is an advantage for the entire Folsom community.


Folsom Police Explorer Program

Law Enforcement Exploring is a “special interest” program chartered by the Boy Scouts of America under the “Learning for Life” division and is designed to give students a working knowledge of how law enforcement functions within the community. For more information click here.

The Folsom Police Christmas Gift Drive

The Folsom Police Christmas Gift Drive is an annual event that supports Folsom families in need during the holiday season. Volunteers from the Citizens Assisting Public Safety group interview the families to identify needs/wants for each person in the family.  The Police Department, City Hall, schools, local businesses and community members “adopt” one or more identified family members, purchase requested gifts for each individual and deliver them to the Police Department.  These gifts are then wrapped and distributed to each household by Police Department employees or volunteers.  During the 2014 Christmas season, over 140 individuals received gifts of clothing, toys, bedding and food gift cards.

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