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Folsom Police Foundation

The Folsom Police Foundation was founded in Summer 2014 to augment current efforts and programs, as well as help support new endeavors in the City of Folsom. The Foundation is primarily focused on activities that are youth related, support positive community interactions with police officers, and have the potential to enhance the police department’s level of service. Specifically, the goals of the Folsom Police Foundation are to raise funds that will:

  • Create greater access to programs and activities that enrich the lives of youth in the Folsom area;
  • Impact the lives of at-risk youth in order to realize better educational attainment and/or overall health;
  • Augment programs that Folsom Police officers currently participate in in order to have a greater community presence both within Folsom and abroad; and
  •  Support technology or services requested by officers within the department that increase innovation and level of service.

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